Welcome to the VLSP* website

An association for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersexual and queer professionals in psychology

We are an association of professionals with LGBTQI* backgrounds who work in psychological fields of activity or who are trained in such fields. Here on our website our aim is to provide trustworthy information (see our quality standards) on LGBTQI* topics for:

• People who are LGBTQI* themselves

• Their friends and family

• Professionals who support them

• Interested members of the public

Important note for those seeking support: The information provided on our website is intended to provide support and is not to be understood as a substitute for professional advice or therapy!

On our website you will find the following information:

News and Activities

Projects, publications, events and more

Here you will find our news: ongoing projects such as “Anders ankommen - Vielfalt verstehen” for LGBTQI* refugees, current publications, events… It’s always worth having a look here every now and again.

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Advice and Therapy

Info, Therapy and Counselling Services

On the “Counselling and Therapy” pages, you will find general information on psychotherapy, psychological advice and links to therapy and counselling services. Information on access to psychotherapy for refugees is also provided here.

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The diversity of genders and sexual orientations

What does LGBTQI* mean? On this website, we give an overview of the diversity of genders and sexual orientations. We take a look at the physical, psychological and social aspects of gender.

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Coming Out

Coming out has many facets

Coming out, as a time to search for one’s own identity as perhaps a lesbian woman, gay man or a bisexual, trans, intersex or queer person, has many facets and can trigger confusing feelings. This part of the site deals with these, as well as the importance of coming out in the context of the asylum seeking process.

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Life Contexts

School, work, family, society…

Life as an LGBTQI* person manifests itself in all areas of life: at school, during further education and work, in relationships, in family life, as victims of prejudice and violence... This part of the site details these various aspects of LGBTQI* persons’ lives.

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