​​​​​​​Psychotherapy with Clients who are Confronted with Heteronormativity

Eight Interviews with Practitioners

Master Thesis, Lian Eisenhuth, 2017


Despite high rates of therapy usage, most psychotherapists lack specific training in meeting the unique needs of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and queer (lgbtiq*) population. The purpose of this study is to outline psychotherapy with clients who are confronted with heteronormativity. By basing the study on the concept of heteronormativity not only lgbtiq* but also e.g. cisgender heterosexual people who do not comply with dominant gender roles are included. This study summarizes explorative results from eight structured interviews with experts (Bogner et al., 2002) which were analyzed by a qualitative content analysis (Kuckartz, 2016). The results demonstrated how therapeutic tools, an inner attitude of the therapists and a setting, which enables that lgbtiq* persons feel comfortable and in order to make heteronormativity subject to discussion, collaborate. Specific recommendations are given that provide among others extensive suggestions for improvement in therapeutic training and continuing education.

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